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Keter Sanctuary "Undercover" Playset (Pre-Order)

Keter Sanctuary "Undercover" Playset (Pre-Order)

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This playset will consists of;

4x Poison Knight of Silence Undercover, Mordalion
4x Knight of Abruptness Undercover, Deira
4x Knight of Blackness of Yore Undercover, Obscudeid
4x Monitored Tryst
4x Knight of Piercing Acuity Undercover, Zois
4x Monitoring Ravener Undercover, Awnfar
4x Claw of Secret Schemes Undercover, Tigris
4x Volley of Blades Undercover, Onux
4x Hidden Flash Undercover, Serendis
1x Energy Generator (TD)
1x Energy Counter (TD)
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